KIMBALL -- Throughout the Month of June we've tried to highlight some unique dairy stories in Central Minnesota.

Today (Wednesday) we visited a cheese plant that specializes in goat cheese.

Stickney Hill Dairy has been making goat cheese since 1999, something general manager Cheryl Miller says is unique.

"This is kind of a niche product something different. Everybody can buy cows milk cheese and everybody can make cows milk cheese," says Miller.

The plant currently makes goat milk chevre and feta and have looked into other flavors.

Before the product looks like what you see in stores the milk goes through a long process.

"Our goat milk gets pumped through our tank, then goes through a heating system before getting pumped into our processing room," says Miller.

From there the milk sits in large vats through the night to separate the curd. The curd then gets bagged before finally going into the mixer.

"The salts and flavors are added and mixed up before being pumped up into what ever product size it needs to go into," says Miller.

The plant makes about 2000 pounds of cheese a day and Miller admits the taste is not for everyone.

"It's not something a lot of people will eat and love on the first time," says Miller.

Stickney Hill dairy has been working with 15 local goat farmers to get the milk for the cheese.

Miller says the relationship between the farmers and the cheese plant has been amazing.


Packages of goat cheese are ready for shipment. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)