There's a new survey by CareerBuilder that shows 77% of us have seen a coworker do something childish in the office. It drives me crazy! You would think that when getting paid for a job, that we'd all be mature adults and get along. But REALLY doesn't always happen. My biggest pet peeve with someone at work is Whining. I ask, "Hi Janice! How was your weekend?" If the response is always: " usual." I try to steer the other direction.

Here are the top 10 childish things we see most often in the office:

  1. Refusing to share with other people.
  2. Throwing temper tantrums.
  3. Storming out of the room.
  4. Playing pranks on other co workers.
  5. Making faces behind someone's back.
  6. Forming those annoying Cliques.
  7. Starting rumors about a coworker.
  8. Tattling on a coworker.
  9. Pouting because they didn't get things their way.
  10. WHINING-  I can't because my head hurts...I can't because I'm cold. I can't because I'm me and I just can't...wah wah wah...I hate this with a passion!