CLEAR LAKE -- Another dry summer caused a local farmer to hold an information session showcasing the need for irrigating Minnesota crops.

Alan Peterson, who is the president of the Minnesota Irrigators Association, has been irrigating his crops for over 30 years and he says that more farmers are doing the same.

"In the last three or four years, discussion of water has been front and center," Peterson says. "That's why I decided to do this tour."

Several farmers and agricultural administrators from around the state were present for Peterson's tour and presentation.

Peterson says the purpose of the tour is to bring about a discussion of more irrigation implemented in Minnesota.

To illustrate the positive aspects of irrigation, Peterson led the group to a few of his corn fields to compare the effect this summer had on his irrigated crops as opposed to his dry-land crops.

Last month's dry weather wreaked havoc on Peterson's dry-land corn as the lack of rain caused one field to wither dramatically.

"I need the state to understand why we have irrigation," Peterson says.

Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON