ST. CLOUD - Supporters of the Independent Party candidate for President are stumping for votes here in St. Cloud Monday. Spokeswoman Michelle Kim says Evan McMullin is gaining support with voters.

He's more of a moderate conservative reaching out to many of us who are disenfranchised with Trump.  But he's also reaching a lot of Bernie Sanders supporters in Minnesota.

Kim says McMullin has risen to third place, with six percent support, in the latest Minnesota poll, moving ahead of Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. And, Kim say McMullin is actually leading in Utah.

He's also second right now in Idaho as well. Many states I think we're going to be surprised.

Kim says he's a fiscal conservative.

He's very strong on the constitution, First Amendment Rights as well as protecting gun rights for Americans.  But, when we talk about immigrants or issues of showing compassion like issues of gender bias, some of the tone coming from the Trump campaign is rather disheartening.

McMullin was born in Provo, Utah. He spent 11 years working in the CIA.