In a perfect world, you give gifts to everyone, because you actually like everyone. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work that way. Sometimes you have to gift share at work, or for random family members...what happens when the person you have to buy for is someone that you just don't see eye to eye with? What do you do for this gift to show your true feelings, without them really knowing you're truly gifting from the heart?

A recent survey found that these are the top 10 gifts that people give to people they have to buy for, but don't actually LIKE:

  • Bad boxes of chocolates.
  • A bottle of wine that's been sitting around your house.
  • Bubble bath you're regifting.
  • Books you've already read and don't want to keep.
  • Socks.
  • DVD's you've watched and don't like.
  • Cheap perfume or cologne.
  • A scarf.
  • Cheap Soap that looks expensive.
  • Cd's of bad music.

So that bad thing is, I actually like scarves, cheap perfumes, cheap soaps that look expensive, bubble bath, wine, and sometimes, books. So maybe I've been on everybody's bad list all these years, and thought they really liked me? Who knew?