I know lots of kids out there are dreading going back to school, simply because they are afraid to meet new people or are simply shy. We've got some tips for those quiet ones to try.  Give them a whirl and see if it doesn't help you have a little more fun this school year. It's hard to believe, but I was one of those kids! So I know what I'm talking about.




Even if you think the whole world is against you, the reality is...that's all in your head. Most of the time, the only person you should fear is yourself. Step outside your comfort zone by standing up straight, and smiling at people. Even if you are uncomfortable on the  inside...others don't know it.  Other people like to be liked, and if you just open up a little bit...smile at them...ask them their name...compliment them...They may open up to you. Every now and then you'll meet someone that's just like you...afraid of what to say or do...so just remember...if someone isn't nice to you, it's not your fault. Try to put it in perspective, and remember how you feel about meeting new people, and be compassionate to them.



If someone says something hurtful or embarrassing to you, just blow them off.  A smile or a shake of the head...sometimes you don't even need to acknowledge someone that does this. It doesn't feel good when someone carelessly says something to you, but it's also just a stupid careless act to treat anyone this way. Instead of letting it hurt you, remember how important you really are, and hope that this person can find something better to do with their time. These kinds of people aren't important to your life...and most people aren't like this.  Don't let it get you down. Remember...REMAIN POSITIVE.



My son Tanner likes to do different things...He's unique...He is the only person I know that fashions book covers as hats, and when we went shopping the other day, he chose a bright red pair of pants...and he rocks them!  He is fun and unique.  Are you? It seems like when we are children we try to be just like everybody else. When you grow up, you'll be looking to be an individual.  Be yourself...Love yourself.  You are worth it, and the world doesn't need a bunch of copy cats. Dare to be different.



Being in school means you are going to be around a lot of people all day. Although you may not realize how important it is to shower, shower before school every day! Wear antiperspirant EVERY DAY....Wear clothing that matches....Red pants with a purple shirt? Not so much.  A nice pair of jeans with a white t-shirt....A red pair of pants with a white t-shirt and a plaid black, white and red print over the top of the T....Clean shoes. Wash and comb your hair everyday. Always brush and floss your teeth before school, and before bed. Use mouthwash....Think about how YOU feel when someone you sit next to in class has body odor...bad breath...dirty clothes. Be clean and take pride in yourself.



There's no reason for you to go to school to do poorly. It shows that you are immature and have no goals in life. People want to be around people they can talk to, have something in common with, and people they can look up to. Do your best.



The most popular kids in school are usually the kids that take the chance on being themselves. Be yourself around everyone and always show confidence.  Don't follow people just to be like the "in crowd."  You will be the one getting the attention, and it will show others that you are not a follower, you are a leader.


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