HOLDINGFORD - Officials in the Holdingford school district are in the process of planning for the future, and future growth. Superintendent Chris Swenson says they are developing a 10-year long-term facility maintenance program.

He says, they're a growing district, so space is becoming an issue.

I've talked with my elementary principal about this and in his five-six years here this is the highest elementary enrollment we've had. So we definitely see that we're growing down there, which equates to we're going to grow in the high school as those kids keep moving through. Our enrollment is around 1,070 right now.

He says one area they'd like to expand is in their vocational-agriculture department.

And that's kind of a two fold thing.  A lot of it is equipment.  Getting equipment that meets the needs of credentialing.  We have some courses that we'd like to offer college credit on, but there's just certain pieces of the college class we don't have the equipment to do.  Some of it is a space issue.

They're still in the discussion stages, but some other things they're considering include: adding space for the preschool and special ed students, modifying the lunchroom, adding a new entry/concessions area, and more gym space.

Security upgrades, and converting the weight room into a community fitness center, are also in the discussions. Maintenance on the roof and parking lot, as well as improving traffic flow at the school are also priorities.

Swenson says any building additions or renovation would require a bond referendum approval by the voters. He says there's no timeline for when that will happen, it could be as soon as this May or possibly this fall.