ST. CLOUD - Know someone in our community that's making some health lifestyle changes? Now there's a way for you to honor them. CentraCare's "Feeling Good Minnesota" organization has launched a new program with a "Health Hero Vehicle".

Spokeswoman Jodi Gertken says they're looking for inspiring stories.

You can nominate either a business, a friend, yourself, a community, a school...somebody or something that's doing something health for themselves or their community.  So, it could be somebody who has decided to quit smoking and start training for their first 5K.  Great!  We deploy our Health Hero Vehicle and we go in and celebrate them.

Gertken says they're planning to recognize one person or group each month with special gifts. She says they've already gotten about 15 submissions.

If you know of someone that should be honored with a visit by the Health Hero Vehicle, you can nominate them on the website