Although I don't understand why this wasn't done at the onset of SENATORIAL campaign, of President Barack Obama, I have never been a Birther.

I cannot claim the alleged fame and responsibility of Donald Trump did.

I CAN, however, get my very own Hawaiian Birth Certificate, complete with the same doctor's signature that appears on the President's.

Here is an excerpt from an email I received a few days ago:

"Obtaining your personalized long-form Hawaiian birth certificate is as easy as visiting and typing in a few key details about your birth," says the Web site's administrator, Jay Kamhi.  "After a small $4.95 charge to your credit card, within minutes you'll be emailed your very own personalized certificate bearing the signature of the very same doctor who attended the birth of our 44th president, officially documenting your status as a Natural Born US Citizen.

Kamhi says the management at acknowledges that the long-form Hawaiian birth certificate they are offering for sale may not be legal to use in some states as proof of age, for obtaining licenses to pilot commercial aircraft, for the rental of postal boxes, or for most other purposes.

"It's our belief that should an individual decide to use his personalized long-form Hawaiian birth certificate for any purpose whatsoever, especially in connection with running for national public office, he or she should do so only with the advice of an attorney and under proper adult supervision," says Kamhi.

So I did it - Just for fun.