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Today is Mackenzie Moretter's birthday. She is a beautiful 10 year old, that has touched the lives of thousands of people, with her touching story.

Mackenzie's mom Jenny was planning a birthday party for her daughter.  Mackenzie is from Shakopee, Minnesota, and has a genetic disorder called "Sotos Syndrome," which causes developmental issues. Jenny was disappointed when none of the kids that were invited to share in Mackenzie's special day, responded to the invitation request.

So Jenny posted a Facebook message last Friday, asking if anyone could come, bring their kids, just to have some fun and share in Mackenzie's special day. To her surprise, not only did they respond, they came! 300 PEOPLE CAME! 300 people, including Vikings wide receiver Charles Johnson, Elsa from "Frozen," and the Mayor, who proclaimed it, "Mackenzie Moretter Day."

Jenny and Mackenzie joined me on "The Get Up & Go Show" this morning.