ST. CLOUD -- Governor Mark Dayton spoke at the 9th Annual Somali Student Association's Somali Night last (Saturday) night at St. Cloud State University.

"This is the best about Minnesota now, we embrace one another, join in solidarity together for our common future and the betterment of our state " --Gov. Dayton

Dayton was invited to the festival last fall when he visited the St. Cloud Library for the NAACP Community Conversation.

"Again I am so thrilled to be apart of this evening. I think it's tremendous what you and the students have put on here at Somali night at St. Cloud State. I wish you a wonderful evening with all of this town, with all of you gathered together, these are all Minnesotans and we're all Americans." --Gov. Dayton

The theme for the event was "A Night to Remember" featuring traditional dances, poems, food, a fashion and talent show as well as speeches by influential members of the Somali community.

(Governor Mark Dayton at SCSU's Somali Night.) Photo By: Chrissy Gaetke, WJON