ST. CLOUD - Governor Mark Dayton stopped in St. Cloud today (Friday) as part of his statewide tour to promote his long range transportation funding plan.  Dayton is proposing a 10-year, $10.5-billion funding plan to improve Minnesota's transportation infrastructure. It would be paid for through a 6.5% increase to the wholesale gas tax, increasing vehicle registration fees to 1.5% and raising car license tabs by $10.00.

The governor says the plan would provide the Tri-County area with millions in new road construction money.

Dayton says many people are saying we should use the budget surplus to pay for road and bridge fixes.  But, Dayton says that's a short-term band-aid and won't solve Minnesota's deteriorating roads situation.

Under the plan, Stearns County would receive almost $4-million, Sherburne County $1.6-million and Benton County $1.3-million each year for 10 years.  St. Cloud alone, would receive about $1-million.

Dayton says there will need to be bi-partisan support to pass any transportation plan, but a one-time influx of money through the budget surplus is just a band-aid and not a long-term solution.