SAUK RAPIDS -- A road project expected to improve traffic flow on Golden Spike Road and create better access for businesses is expected to come in under budget.

Benton County Engineer Chris Byrd says they have an apparent low bidder in Landwehr Construction which would save approximately $1.7-million on the project. Byrd says they are going over the bid with a fine-toothed comb to make sure the numbers add up.

The one-mile project will create roundabouts at the ramps on Highway 10, Industrial Boulevard and Mayhew Lake Road. It will also widen the roadway and create a pedestrian/bike trail across the bridge.

The project was budgeted for approximately $7.2-million, but Landwehr's bid came in at just under $5.6-million.

Next up will be a request to award the bid so construction can get started in the spring.