ST. CLOUD -- Gamers from all over Central Minnesota gathered today (Saturday) at the River's Edge Convention Center, for the first ever gaming convention, LionCon.

LionCon was organized by Justin Willard, owner of Lionheart games in Waite Park. He says it's always been his passion to host a convention.

"Our first attempt at a gaming convention here in St. Cloud, was at Granite City Game Days. The guy that was running that stopped, so we decided to pick it up and do something bigger says, Willard"

The convention had everything for gamers such as game displays and demos, comic books, costume contests, and different vendors to purchase items from.

Rebecca David, WJON

Jason McMahon is a professional contracted gamer. He says he's been to a couple conventions and what continues to draw him to these events are meeting people rather than sitting at home.

"I like getting together with friends and hanging out. I like that you sit down and play the games versus video games where you are sitting down on your couch alone says, McMahon"

Willard says he believe the misconception that gaming is for people who sit down in their basement alone is false. He believes gaming is for everyone.

"I think that people want to meet more people, get out and have fun," says Willard. "You don't get stuff like this every day."

It's not every day that many young kids can say they have been to Comic-Con or a gaming convention. So when Tait Palmer heard about the convention, he says he was excited that he could finally attend one.

"This is my first convention that I have ever been to, but it's always been a dream  to attend Comic-Con and stuff. It's on my bucket list, I've always wanted to go to something like this," says Palmer.

Palmer says the convention was everything him and his friends expected plus more. If LionCon continues, he will be attending as much as he can.

Palmer is not the only one looking forward to next year. Willard says they hope to make LionCon a two-day event for next year.

It's still not too late for you to stop at the convention. LionCon is open until 10:00 p.m. today. Admission is $35, kids ten and under can enter for free.

To learn more about LionCon visit their Facebook.

Rebecca David, WJON