FOLEY - The three finalists for the position of Foley Police Chief will be interviewed tomorrow (Tuesday).

The City Council is meeting with Joseph Backlund of Princeton, Brant Sandridge of St. Francis, and Douglas Pomplun of Fairfax.  They hope to have their new Police Chief hired by mid-June.  Interim police chief Hal Henning applied for the position, but did not make the top three.

The city has already made conditional job offers to two people for police officer positions.

City Administrator Sarah Brunn says they've leased two squad cars, and they've bought radios.

Foley is in the process of re-establishing a police department after an agreement with the Benton County Sheriff's department fell apart. They also tried to use a private security firm, but ran into legal concerns from the State Attorney General.  Foley has not had it's own police department since 2003.