FOLEY - After months of controversy, Foley is one giant step closer to having a full-fledged police force.

The Foley City Council voted 4-1 during Tuesday's meeting to move forward in hiring one full-time police chief and two-full time officers.

The hires will come out of a newly-approved $229,000 law enforcement budget.

Interim police chief Hal Henning says he feels the city council made a smart decision in moving quickly, and will soon have an appropriately-sized police force.

The police force will include temporary part-time officers from around Minnesota until the full-time officers are officially brought on board.

Henning says the expediency of the council's decision is a very essential step in a "healing process."

The council is currently forming a committee of citizens to weigh in on what kind of equipment, like squad cars, that the force will buy with the remainder of the budgeted funds.

Still, Henning says a new squad car could be leased and ready as soon as this Friday.