UNDATED - Hot and dry weather will bring temperatures into the mid 90s across much of the region this afternoon.

Strong winds will develop as well, which will create dangerous fire weather conditions.

A Red Flag Warning is in effect across much of the region. This means that the weather conditions will favor rapid spread of fire.

Also, a Heat Advisory is in effect, since the quick onset of near record high temperatures could cause heat stress to those outdoors this afternoon.

The St. Cloud Fire Department is asking residents to not have any recreational fires between this (Monday) evening and Wednesday morning.

Areas of concern are properties next to swamps, fields, and wooded areas where a fire could easily get out of control.  However, a recreational fire burning ban has not been issued.

If you have any questions call St. Cloud Fire Marshal Mike Post at 255-7284.

Meteorologist Todd Krause says there are two terms they use when there's a heightened danger of wildfires.  The other term is a Red Flag Warning, which is used when conditions are imminent.

A Fire Weather Watch is issued up to 72 hours before the conditions are expected to occur.  A Red Flag Warning is issued when the conditions are expected to occur within the next 24 hours.