PAYNESVILLE - A farm about a mile east of Paynesville, along old Highway 23, is the place where Jacob Wetterling's remains were found last week, after nearly 27 years of search.

Doug Voss of Paynesville says when authorities knocked on his door last week, saying they wanted to search his property, he didn't know what to think. They told him they were looking for stolen property. But, he soon realized it had to be something much more than that.

"We had an idea in our mind that it was a missing person. I mean it would have had to be high value or a person," says Voss.

Voss says the farmsite has been in his family for decades, but the actual land where Jacob's remains were found was bought after he was buried there.

While Voss let us take some wide shots of the pasture land, he says he doesn't want anyone to know the exact spot where Jacob's remains were recovered. He says it's a working farm and he doesn't want people out there.

Meanwhile, roadside memorials continue to grow as people show their respects to Jacob and the Wetterling family. Voss says they've been mostly respectful so far, and have stayed off his private property.

"People have been good for the most part and we hope that continues," says Voss.

And, as for the future of the site, he says it's too soon to say. But, he is open to some sort of memorial to Jacob if that's what the Wetterling family wants.

"The focus on the family and the answers they got is more important than considering ourselves and the proximity of our farm," says Voss.

Danny Heinrich confessed in court on Tuesday to abducting Jacob Wetterling on October 22, 1989. He sexually assaulted him and then killed him. Heinrich originally buried him in a gravel pit across the road, but then reburied him on the farm about a year later.

(Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)