ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - Relatives of a woman strangled and dismembered by her husband more than three decades ago in Minnesota are once again fighting to keep her killer behind bars.

David Hoffman is eligible for parole next week. The 69-year-old Hoffman has served 35 years in prison and that's where the family of Carol Stebbins wants him to stay. Reports say Hoffman will appear for a fifth time before the Minnesota Parole Board.

In the past, the state corrections commissioner has cited Hoffman's lack of remorse as among the reasons he has not yet been released.

Hoffman was convicted of first-degree murder in Hennepin County in 1981. Hoffman's mother, Helen Ulvinen, was accused of knowing about the plan to kill Stebbins and was also convicted. Her conviction was overturned by the Minnesota Supreme Court.