RICE -- It was a beautiful sunny day today (Saturday), with the temperature sitting at  77 degrees as families gathered for the eighth annual outdoor family event  "Take a Day OFF" on the Mississippi River in Rice.

Rebecca David, WJON

The event had over 40 different activity stations throughout the park such as building your own bird house, canoeing, archery, BB gun range and a trail to explore.

Even though Sophia Kappor has been coming for three years, she was happy to show her friends around who were attending for the first time.

"Each year it's pretty much the same but they try to bring different activities for us to try" says Kappor.

Sophia's friend Claire Westling says she likes the event because they have many different activities for them to do. Both her and her sister can't wait to come back.

"I tried building my own bird house, but the first time i struggled using the high tech power tool. After a while i got used to it though" says Westling

Izzy Claire's younger sister says after collecting six tickets she was able to win a duck call.

As the girls ran around trying all the different stations. Katie Winkelman Soil Conservationist for Stearns County District says the kids and the excitement on their faces is why they keep the event going.

It's overwhelming excitement and the kids are just excited to go from activity to activity. It's a very positive energy" says Winkelman.

However the parents too learn a thing or two by the time they leave. Especially Sophia's mother I-Jung Lee who loves learning about nature

"We're not originally from Minnesota, we are from Taiwan. But all our Minnesota friends know about hiking and we want to be more like part of Minnesota people and outdoor people" says Lee.

The event is put on by the help of 120 volunteers,  Stearns County Soil and Water Conservation District and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources as a way to get families outdoors and explore what the park and Mississippi River has to offer.

As far as for next year the event is not on the calendar. organizers are going to take a year off and reevaluate some things, but if anything changes announcements will be made to let families know.

Rebecca David, WJON