WAITE PARK -- Many unanswered questions surround the Waite Park amphitheater project.

During a work session today (Tuesday) city officials brought in an expert to help provide some insight and direction for the council to consider moving forward.

Wendy Riggs with the Walton Arts Center has about 40 years of experience in the industry. After seeing the proposed site Riggs says it's a matter of keeping the natural beauty and what venue the city wants to build.

"I think the balance they really have to get is what they can preserve and what they want to do with capacity. It's gonna be tough because if they want a larger facility and strip that area it's not going to be worth it," says Riggs.

At the moment the city is looking at a building 2,000 seat amphitheater which will oversee a quarry along 17th Avenue and Parkway Drive.

Riggs says based on the current blueprints the biggest problem the site faces is the lack of parking in the back of the house, which many artists will frown upon.

"As we talked about you have to have bus parking and truck parking for artists. They don't like it when you tell them to unload your truck and park it off site," says Riggs.

During the discussion several topics were brought up including what acts to bring in, restrooms, seating, parking, and promoting.

Waite Park City Administrator Shaunna Johnson says the council will need to go back and do some homework on the information presented.

If the city has a plan in place within the next several months construction could begin as soon as 2017.

Waite Park officials look at proposed amphitheater site (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)
Wendy Riggs (standing) addresses Waite Park officials. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)