How did you do with your college hoops bracket this year? I didn't do so well -- maybe you did better!

Congratulations to John Fahleen of Sartell. He scored 43 points in our NCAA Bracket Challenge. Chad Hansen and Tommy Middagh, both of St. Cloud, each had 43 points as well, but John won the tie-breaker by being guessing the closest cumulative score of the championship game. Louisville beat Michigan, 82 to 76. So the cumulative score was 158.  John was closest to the pin with his guess of 138 points.Tommy guessed 136 and Chad guessed 135. A great effort by all three of you!

John Fahleen wins two pairs of tickets to Minnesota Twins games at Target Field May 13th against the Chicago White Sox and September 11th against the Oakland Athletics.

And how did our sports guys do? Well, reporter Dave Overlund scored 38 points. And former sports director Jay Caldwell had 33 points.

Thanks to all who played with us!

[ncaabracket market="StCloud"]

Official contest rules.