Neilsen Bernard, Getty Images Entertainment

The Food Network surveyed a bunch of chefs around the country and found a few things that you might find disturbing. Here's their dirty little secrets.

  1. 75% of them said that they have seen roaches in their kitchen. (Do they make it to your plate?)
  2. 13% have seen someone intentionally mess with food that someone sent back to the kitchen too! (Is that a mushroom or a fly...Yikes!)
  3. Half of chefs have had to work when they are sick. (Sneeze....uh..yuk.)
  4. 25% of chefs have used the 'five second rule" and cooked something they dropped on the floor. ( do this at home...right?  NOT!)
  5. The most popular fast food for chef's is Wendy's. (I agree.)
  6. The definition of vegetarian is flexible. 15% of chefs said their veggie dishes contained at least a little bit of meat. (I knew there was meat in there!)
  7. Chef's don't recomment ordering pasta or chicken because they are the most overpriced and least interesting items on the menu.(I could have told you that.)
  8. 60% of chefs surveyed wished they were celebrities with their own cooking shows, but since they aren't, the do steal ideas from other restaurant menus and make them their own.