ST. CLOUD - Kindles, Nooks, and other e-readers were very hot items this Christmas season.  And now the library is seeing their e-book checkouts go through the roof.

If you're like me - a new Nook owner myself, you've just started to dabble into the world of online reading, but all signs indicate it's no passing fad.

The Great River Regional Library's Mic Golden says they've seen a big jump in e-book and audio book checkouts since the first of the year.  He says they're averaging just over 450 e-book checks out each day since January 1st, compared to just over 81 per day last year.

He says the number of new users has also jumped by over 2,000.

Meanwhile, the number of books available continues to grow, they now have over 3,300 available.  The St. Cloud Friends of the Library have donated $2,400 to the e-book fund this past year, to grow the collection.

The library has also started a new program that allows you to BUY a book, with a portion of the proceeds going to the library.

And, Golden says they want to hear from you, there's a link on their website where you can request a book that you would like to see added to the e-book collection.