I am all about saving money and when I find good stuff, I like to pass that along to you. Here are some great do it yourself cleaning products that will leave your home clean and your money where it belongs - in your wallet. 

When I lived in an apartment, my drain would clog a lot because of my hair, so I was going through drain cleaner like it was going out of style. It wasn't good for my asthma because it made me wheeze and it wasn't good for the budget, even if I did have coupons because I went through it so often. I resorted to the old school science fair volcano ingredients. Pour a half a cup of baking soda down the drain and then pour one cup of vinegar on top of it. Let it set for about an hour and then pour hot water down the drain on top of it.

I had never had hardwood floors before, but when we were selling Glen's old house, he had hardwood floors. The "cleaning system" we looked at cost a lot and took a lot of time. When there are a number of projects to get done before putting a house on the market, you don't have time to use a "system" to clean. You just want to clean and be done with it. So, I Googled around and found that boiled tea works as a hardwood floor cleaner. Place a few tea bags in a bucket and pour boiling water over the top of them. Let it set for a bit and then go to town. It' leaves the floor shiny, it's non toxic and it smells good, too.

Sometimes when I cook, whatever I make makes the whole house smell. Not in a bad way, but when I'm trying to go to sleep, I don't always love the fact that my bedroom smells like beef roast. Yes, I could close all the doors to all the rooms, but I have a cat who likes to hide and I don't want to trap her in any of the rooms upstairs. I used to buy air fresheners that plugged in and I also would buy air freshener spray, but that added up. Just grab a spray bottle, some water and your favorite essential oil. I like lavender and vanilla for upstairs and a citrus scent for downstairs. Just fill the spray bottle with water almost to the top. Spray bottles are a dollar, maybe two at Target. Then use five or so drops of essential oil. I get mine at Good Earth. Screw on the top, shake and spray.