UNDATED -- With duck hunting season opening tomorrow, the Minnesota DNR is reminding hunters that they are required to wear life jackets when in the boat. Even so, 13 hunters have died since 1986 when the law was passed.

The DNR says national statistics show more people die from drowning or hypothermia than firearms accidents.

Some other tips include not overloading the boat...make another trip if necessary.  Share your plans with someone who is staying home in case you don't return on time.  Pack a cell phone in a zipper-locked bag. The phone can still be used without removing it. It could save your life in the event of a capsized boat or other accident.

Lastly, avoid wearing waders or hip boots.  But, if you must, make sure you know how float with them on.  Trying to kick them off in the water can tie up your legs and keep you from kicking to stay afloat.