GARRISON -- As we get closer to Minnesota's fishing opener, the DNR wants to alert anglers to no changes in the walleye slot limits on Lake Mille Lacs.

You can keep up to four walleyes shorter than 18 inches, one of which can be longer than 28 inches. All walleyes between 18 and 28 inches must be released.

There are some changes to the northern pike slot limits, however. You can keep up to three northerns shorter than 27 inches, one of which can be longer than 40 inches. Northern pike between 27 and 40 inches must be released. The changes are slightly more liberal for anglers.

Starting July 15th, if the walleye harvest is low enough the DNR may increase the slot. If the change is made, the new rules will be posted at public landings on Mille Lacs and on the DNR's website.