ST. JOSEPH -- Disc golf enthusiasts from around the area came out to the annual Ice Bowl fundraising event today at Millstream Park in St. Joseph.

The Ice Bowl has been raising money for organizations like the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities and local food shelves since 1993.

Event Coordinator Cody Parsons has been involved with the Ice Bowl for the last three years.  He says the event has been a major success in its 22-plus years.

"We've raised over $140,000 and that's not including what's being brought in today," Parsons says. "Factor that in, it's maybe going to be $150,000."

The event raises money with on-site donations as well as the pledges that each disc golfer collects.

"We have a lot of players who go out and they collect donations - whether it's [from] friends, families, local businesses," Parsons says. "We have about 70 players who have gathered donations, so that's huge."

Disc golfers like Rob Denton help to make the fundraising aspect of the event successful.

"We get so many people who help the cause [and] get close to $10,000 every year and that's a really, really big feat," Denton says.

"So every year we try more and more to make it better and better for everybody who comes."

Along with raising money for a great cause, the Ice Bowl is also a very enjoyable experience for all who come out.

"[It's great] - seeing everybody having a great time and knowing that everybody's doing everything for a good cause," Parsons says. "Everybody here is a great person."

Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON