WAITE PARK -- We have a better idea as to what will occupy the former K-mart building.

Dick's Sporting Goods headlines one of three facilities that will utilize the building. The other two will be a grocery store and some sort of retail building.

At the moment, proposed construction plans have the current store entrance being the site of the grocery store, which has yet to be named, and having Dick's located in between the grocery store and the former garden location (which is where the retail store will sit).

It is not yet known when construction on the building will begin.

A project variance regarding height of the front entry is expected to be brought to the Planning Commission for approval at the August 11th meeting.

If approved it would still need a final vote by the Waite Park city council.

This would be the first Dick's Sporting Goods store in the area, there are five Dick's Sporting Goods stores in the Twin Cities metro area. The K-Mart store closed back in December.