BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (AP) - The latest on the dentist who killed Cecil the lion during a hunt in Zimbabwe:

Just a few protesters gathered outside the clinic of a Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the lion as he returned to work. Cathy Pierce, wearing a shirt with Cecil's photo, yelled "Extradite Palmer" as the dentist was whisked inside the Bloomington clinic.

Zimbabwe has not sought Palmer's extradition. Palmer says he believes he did nothing illegal, and that it's unfair the protesters are targeting his family and staff.

Pierce says she's only targeting Palmer, who she says should face punishment in Zimbabwe.

A woman who lives near the clinic says people should leave Palmer alone.

Stephanie Michaelis has been arguing with protesters outside the clinic. She says the uproar about Cecil's death is unfounded and that people should be more concerned about abortions and threats to human life.