ST. PAUL (AP) — Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton paid nearly $106,000 in state and federal taxes last year, and upped his charitable giving, too.

Dayton released his 2013 tax returns on Wednesday, following his routine of doing so since he was a candidate in 2010.

Dayton's total earnings were $352,601 from a state salary, dividends and capital gains. Less than a third of that comes from his gubernatorial salary. After deductions, he paid taxes on about $315,000.

The Democratic governor increased his charitable donations to $10,000 after professing embarrassment the year before when he gave only $1,000.

Minnesota law doesn't require officials to publish tax returns, but some do so voluntarily. All but one of Dayton's potential GOP rivals released tax information in the prior year. Former Rep. Marty Seifert was the exception.