ST. CLOUD -- In this week's installment of Cuisine Unseen, we head to the St. Cloud VA to check out the Canteen, which serves our local Veterans in more ways than one.

Open to Veterans and their caretakers, the St. Cloud VA Canteen serves over 1,000 hungry patrons every day.

The Canteen's menu changes from day to day, ranging from fried chicken to pizza and from tacos to sub sandwiches.

The St. Cloud VA Canteen is a non-profit service that started with government funding in the very first year, but has been self-funded ever since.

The St. Cloud VA Canteen has a staff made up of 17 people - both Veterans and non-Veterans - who are led by Pam Krueger.

"Whatever profit we make...goes back to the Veterans," Krueger says.

"That's the one thing that I love about this job is that everything we do and everything anybody buys - whatever amount we make goes back to the Veterans."

Krueger encourages all Veterans to come check out the Canteen if they are looking for great food and camaraderie.

"I've seen Vietnam Veterans hanging out with Iraq Veterans hanging out with World War II Veterans - it's a really good way to connect with other Veterans," Krueger says.

"It's kind of a small town restaurant so it kind of works that way."

If you are a Veteran or a caregiver of a Veteran and are interested, the St. Cloud VA Canteen is open every day from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON