This might look like just another ordinary cat to you...but MR. BEAN.   Mr. Bean joined my family right around Christmas time and he has become one of the family.

We found Mr. Bean at the Tri County Humane Society. When Vicki Davis read his biography, I couldn't resist.  He was owned by a Senior Citizen who had passed away, and he was about 7 years old.  He was described as a gentlemans cat, and once we got to know him, we decided...he was.  We believe he has a strong british accent.

I have a house full of boys.  Three of them...and now...we have four.  They all get along. I've not heard this much laughter in my house for a long time.  Mr. Bean hasn't picked favorites among us, but he goes to each of us for certain things.  When he wants peace and quiet, he goes to Tanner.  When he wants to be fed, he goes to me.  When he wants to sleep with someone, he usually chooses Mason. And when he feels like grooming someone, he goes to Drew.'s true.  Mr. Bean actually likes to lick Drew's beard. It's incredibly gross, but hilarious all at the same time.

I encourage you...If you are looking to add joy and reduce stress in your home, find the right pet at the Tri County Humane Society.  It's worth it.