ST. CLOUD -- There is no limit in what can be called art, and a neighborhood art project has been capturing the attention of passing drivers.

The St. John's Cantius neighborhood recently had the crosswalks along 3rd Street North and 16th Avenue North painted to match the stain glass windows of the church.

St. Cloud Community Development Director Matt Glaesman says the city was approached by the neighborhood several years ago about doing some sort of art project.

Crosswalk art near St. Cloud Library (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)

"The project really started with the idea from the neighborhood where they wanted to do something to recognized their gateway and to make more of an iconic entry into their neighborhood," says Glaesman.

This is one of just several art projects throughout the city which include the Seberger Park mural, and the sidewalk poetry.

"The fun side of all of this is we are getting some responses from folks sending emails or calling saying it was a pleasant moment in their day and they weren't expecting it and that's what the arts are all about," says Glaesman.

Glaesman says the crosswalk art is legal and they plan to have four crosswalks painted in the neighborhood.

"We will have three painted along the West St. Germain corridor and then the one here in the northwest corner of the neighborhood. So there will be three leading up to the library," says Glaesman.

So if you're a neighborhood wanting to bring something special to your area Glaesman says they are always happy to hear your ideas.

"If it's a continuation of sidewalk poetry, crosswalks, or something unique to your neighborhood we are happy to talk about those things," says Glaesman.

You can contact the St. Cloud Arts Commission about starting a project in your neighborhood at 320-650-3148.


New crosswalk art along St. Cloud neighborhood. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)