Wedding season is almost here and if you or someone you know is planning their big day, one fun thing to think about is the favors. Just a little token of your appreciation of their being there and something for them to remember the day – besides the massive hangover. Here are a few fun and interesting wedding favors.

Candy is Dandy

When Glen and I were getting married, we decided that for our wedding favors, we didn’t just want to put crap out into the universe. It should be something that’s fun for us, fun for our guests and something that was uniquely us. We went with personalized M&Ms. They had wedding bells on one side and “Glennifer” with our wedding date on the other side. They coordinated with our wedding colors and didn’t take up a lot of room.

Lip Balm is Lovely

I love lip balm. It’s fantastical in winter time when it’s so dry out, but I get one with sunscreen in it when I’m out playing in the summer. Lip balm is something people usually need and it’s not expected as a wedding favor. There are a few companies out there that actually sell lip balms in bulk and you can design your own label and choose your own flavors. Try and find scents or flavors that match your season. Something citrusy, floral or fruity for spring and summer and mint or spice is always wonderful for fall or winter.

Carry it All

Many stores give you a discount when you bring your own bag. Why not give your guests a handy canvas tote bag? These are so fun! Especially for destination weddings. I recently rid my home of plastic bags, so canvas totes are what we use now. I gave one bag to Glen for when he picks up incidentals on his way home from work and I keep a stash in my car. You can get them emblazoned with your names, wedding date and location. Not only are they great for groceries, but also for bringing books back to the library and bringing your lunch to work. Many printing companies offer a bulk discount, too!

Pop Pop Fizz Fizz

Who doesn’t need a bottle opener? I don’t even drink and I find uses for mine! A bottle opener in a fun shape like a key, a mouth or tools if your man is a DIYer will be a great, memorable favor. Some card stock, a stamp with your names or a simple “thank you” attached to a delicate ribbon in your wedding color is useful and looks elegant.

Don't Leave a Ring

It seems like everyone is on Instagram these days and with Instagram, you have the option of using different filters and playing with light and Instagram photos are generally more artsy looking anyway. Why not give Instagram photo coasters for your guests? Choose some of your favorite photos from the wedding and you can even send them as a post wedding favor. Instagram a photo of the two of you on your big day and use that photo for the coasters. Having a destination wedding? Use a couple of scenic pictures from where the wedding took place.

Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots!

My cousin did this when she got married. Her husband is a part time bartender and they’re very into wine and cocktails, so their favor was a personalized shot glass. Best part about that is that the shot glass can double as a candle holder. If you’re going to do that, have a cute, creative quote about love, like “Burnin’ love!” or “Our love burns bright” or something along those lines or maybe a Bible verse on the back like “The greatest is love” or “Love is patient, love is kind”. Just don’t forget your names and the wedding date on the front!