MENAHGA - If you're looking for some weekend fun, you might find it in Menahga. The Menahga Midsummer Celebration runs Friday through Sunday.

A wife-carrying competition is one of the highlights. Organizer Greg Anderson says they still have openings, if you want to get in on the fun.

The wife carrying competition has been around a lot of years. It started in Finland. Basically you pick up your wife, spouse, or significant other, and you don't even have to be legally married. You carry them for a distance, over a couple of obstacles, and you get a chance to win some money. And, also help out your local designated charity.

Anderson says contestants will race about 270 yards along the streets of Manahga.

The winning couple gets a $250 check to donate to the charity of their choice. Plus, another check worth their combined weight.

Registration is limited to 50 teams.

This story courtesy of KFGO in Fargo.