ROYALTON -- When times get hard, many of us look for support from others. And, for one Royalton student, the community has lifted her up in a big way.

For the second time in her life, Alexis "Lulu" Martinez is battling cancer.  She had leukemia when she was in fourth grade.

But this time things are different, as the entire community has come together to support their friend and classmate.

"She is the strongest person I have ever met," says her sister Brittany Martinez.

Brittany, along with several friends from Royalton High School, have done all they can to support Lulu.

"I made an announcement before school was out and was like hey everybody wear orange to the game tonight for jam the gym for Lulu," says classmate Jesse Popp.

And in front of that crowd, Lulu took the court with her teammates before tonight's (Tuesday) basketball game and was honored along with her fellow seniors.

Jesse, Brittany and others have also created a Facebook support page, raised money for the family by selling T-shirts, and have even tried to get Lulu's favorite music artist Miley Cyrus to visit when she has her concert at Xcel Energy Center next month.

"We are all one big family here and everyone understands we need to get together and support our classmate," says Popp.

While Lulu's journey still has a long way to go, one message is made clear from her friends, family and community -- no one fights alone.


Alexis Martinez hugs her teammate as she is honored on Senior Night. (PHOTO: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)