ST. PAUL -- Student government leaders from Minnesota's State Colleges will be rallying at the Capitol today (Wednesday).  However, they might be sending a mixed message to lawmakers.

Lisa Kosloski is the Student Senate President at the St. Cloud Technical and Community College.  She says she'll be lobbying state lawmakers to not put a freeze or cap on tuition hikes.

Kosloski says colleges will also see their federal stimulus money run out this year, and will need to increase tuition to make-up  the difference.

The message from St. Cloud students is the exact opposite message that will be sent from the rest of the Minnesota State Colleges Student Association.  They will march to the State Capitol steps and say "Student Tuition Is Over Priced" or S.T.O.P.

Kosloski and her fellow students have plans to meet with State Senator John Pederson and Representatives Tim O'Driscoll and King Banaian this afternoon.