COLD SPRING - One of the strongest men in America is living right here in Stearns County.

Cold Spring's Nick Tylutki recently won the championship at the 2012 Raw Nationals in Killeen, Texas.  It's a powerlifting event that includes a squat, bench press, and dead lift.

He says it's not only a record for him, it's an American Record.

To put it in perspective, a ton is 2,000 pounds - Tylutki's combined lifts were less than 300 pounds away from a ton.

He says he got interested in powerlifting when Paul Ellering - the former manager of the Road Warriors - opened a gym in Melrose.

Tylutki says he competes in 3-4 meets a year, and this is his 13th year of competitions.  He's competed in 11 international competitions, and has placed as high as third in the world.

YouTube video of Nick Tylutki at the 2012 Raw Nationals: