Podcast; Voices For Veterans 9-19-18 [AUDIO]
Today on WJON I talked with Suicide Prevention Educator-Outreach Laura Kunstleben and Public Affairs Officer Barry Venable from the St. Cloud V.A. for our "Voices For Veterans" segment. We talked today about what veterans can do if they are depressed, have PTSD and/or thoughts of suicide.…
Podcast; 2-Cent Tuesday 9-18-18 [AUDIO]
Today on WJON's 2-Cent Tuesday listeners talked about the city's deal with Costco, the new Tech high school, politics, Keith Ellison, Tech football, the changes for the Vikings at kicker and more.
Podcast; King Banaian 9-17-18 [AUDIO]
St. Cloud State Economist and Dean, School of Public Affairs King Banaian joined me today on WJON. We talked about the job market in St. Cloud, the gravitation to apartments and smaller homes, summer and fall tourism and the upcoming Christmas shopping season.
Podcast; Explore Minnesota 9-13-18 [AUDIO]
Today on WJON Jerry Carlson and I talked with Alyssa Hayes from Explore Minnesota. Alyssa talked about the grape stomp at the Carlos Creek Winery in Alexandria, fall colors and I tested her knowledge of pumpkin spice products.
Podcast; What Up Wednesday 9-12-18 [AUDIO]
Today on WJON's What Up Wednesday listeners talked quite a bit about religion. Listeners weren't happy with how the Catholic Church has handled sexual abuse cases, we talked about religion in schools, praying rooms, and adding religion to school's curriculum.

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