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Food Plots and Pheasants
It was four years ago that I planted a small acre and a half food plot on some CRP land I own. At that time, the pheasant numbers were still fairly strong. However, I knew it was only a matter of time before Mother Nature would send an old fashioned winter our way and the bird population would crash…
Location Can Determine Honker Success
It was not much to look at. The 20 acre field of small grain was tiny compared to some of the other potential hunting spots in the region. According to the landowner, the geese had pretty much been ignoring it, favoring the larger fields instead.
Easy Steps to Becoming a Better Angler
I believe there are a lot of similarities between golf and fishing and often make comparisons between the two. For instance, no matter how good a person’s game is, there is always room for improvement and we strive to become better than we are.
Fishing From the Mixing Bowl
I arrived in Nevis, Minnesota early in the morning to begin a two day marathon fishing outing with guide and fishing expert, Kelley Cirks. Each summer, Cirks and I hit the lakes in the Park Rapids region in what has become an annual event.
Live-Bait Rigs Are Always an Option
I love to fish and I love to catch fish of all species. I enjoy scrappy panfish on light tackle. Watching bass squirt out of the water in an effort to throw the hook is always a treat. However, there is no question that there is something special about catching walleye.

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