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Get Your Grouse This Year
Greg Jones from Midwest Outdoors shared his expertise on where to find ruffed grouse and woodcock during a recent visit to "In the Outdoors with Jerry Carlson" on AM 1240, WJON. Be ready to take some notes when you listen in on the conversation, because he also has some great cooking tips…
‘Tis The Season For Ticks, Sunscreen, And More
Last year was a record year for tick-borne disease in Minnesota. Find out what local counties are highest on the State list, why "slip, slop, and slap" is the way to go if you're going to be out in the sun, and what one nutritional supplement can lower your chances of heart disease.
Minnesota’s National Park Is Calling
Yes, we have the Boundary Waters, but Voyageur's National Park and Kabetogema Lake is one of those places you need to put in the "to do" list asap, so you can begin a family tradition. Opportunities abound in this wilderness destination that are second to none. I'm certainly no…
Where Are The Walleyes?
Jerry Carlson tells us where to look in the river, where to look online so we can find the right lakes, and he also explains how Minnesota's "Land and Legacy" amendment may get manipulated to benefit the 7-county metro area and leave us in the outstate out in the cold.
Cool Clear (and Clean) Water
The State's 10 largest walleye lakes test clean for PFC's in fish - New mercury data will be included in updated fish consumption guidelines in June, so says the Minnesota Department of Health.

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