Kelly’s Beefy Mushroom Barley Soup
What's better on a chilly Fall day than coming home to a warm bowl of filling, tasty soup. This recipe is delicious, and you can use the alternative recipes ideas to add variety for the whole family. Enjoy!
State Fair Fooddities–Deep Fried Maggot Melt
This glorious concoction is jammed with maggots, smothered with cheese (because we know that a creamy cheese topping makes everything tastier), and dropped on a good ole bun for easy handling. Oh, and of course, since it’s a state fair, the maggots are deep-fried.
National Donut Day Benefits Salvation Army [VIDEO]
It's Homer Simpson's favorite day. Today is traditionally National Donut Day and it has been for an incredible 75 YEARS! Buying a donut today at a local grocery store chain will help the efforts of The St. Cloud Salvation Army.
Central Minnesota Loves a Fish Fry During Lent [SPONSORED]
With Central Minnesota's large Catholic community and rich traditions, you would guess affordable and delicious fish fries during Lent would be popular. But you would be underestimating the draw of the crunchy deep-fried fish, golden brown fries, tangy cole slaw and all the other sides that go …

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