UPSALA -- A Burtrum man was arrested for allegedly driving drunk and fleeing from police in Benton County over the weekend.

The incident happened at 3:00 a.m. Saturday at 500 66th Street Northwest in Watab Township.

Sheriff Troy Heck says they received a called about a possible drunk driver. The caller said the driver had parked his truck in a snow bank and stumbled his way into Sugar Daddy's.

When officers arrived they saw the driver leave the parking lot onto Highway 10 driving down the median. Authorities attempted a traffic stop, which is when the driver accelerated and a short pursuit began.

The suspect then headed westbound on Benton County Road 2 before turning north on Stearns County Road 1, at which time more officers joined the pursuit. The pursuit continued into north Morrison County, where deputies deployed spike strips to attempt to slow down the vehicle.

Authorities continued the pursuit into Upsala, where two Morrison County deputies performed a Pursuit Intervention Tactic on the vehicle to disable the truck.

Authorities ordered the suspect to get out of the vehicle, but he refused to comply. He began reaching into the back seat of the truck, when a Morrison County deputy used a taser on him.

The driver was identified as 35-year-old Chad Bushman. He was taken to the Benton County Jail where he was found to have a blood alcohol level of 0.13.

He faces charges of DUI, fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle and open bottle.