The weather was perfect; the company, even better.

Jerry Ca

rlson, Roger Lydeen, and I hit the water, searching for the elusive big bass, rigged and ready for destruction.

Oh, we caught fish, alright, but nothing compared to what was already hiding in the live well of Jerry's boat.

You see, he and Roger had gotten to the lake about 45 minute ahead of me, gone to their secret spot, and reeled in Mr. Bigmouth.

Here is where the story changes from Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky to Sad, But True:

Jerry wanted to get some photos before the sun got too high and ruined the light, so he pulls this LARGE fish out of the livewell, explaining with a big grin that, "We went out before you got here!"

No kidding.

We take a few pictures, but Mr. Bigmouth is losing his sheen, so Jerry says to Bob, the Fish Holder: "Dip him in the water, and we'll take some more pictures."

So Bob, the Fish Holder does what he's told, and Mr. Bigmouth - thankful to be back in his habitat, gives me a shrug of the shoulder, followed by a flip of the fin, and is gone.


More slience.

Have you ever wanted the lake to swallow you whole so you could suddenly vanish?

Roger laughed with me (not AT me), Jerry remained as gracious as ever, and I didn't get tossed out of the boat.

But I lost the fish and now there's even a wanted poster for it.

Nice to have friends to help you out when you need it the most, isn't it?