Chuck Lennon, explore minnesota tourism at 8:10 - check out their website and get awsome deals on lodging.
8:35, we went In the Outdoors with Jerry Carlson. Randy Haven with STRIKIEMASTER augers was on - MAN I cannot WAIT for hardwater fishing to start!
Talked w/a pal of mine & he's scouting lakes north of Brainerd.
First ice is coming - YEAH!
Hey - any readers of this want to be ready to go when it happens?!?!
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Bob's Show Notes:  Morning Newswatch, 11/18

Explore Minnesota's Chuck Lennon and I talked about some great fall/early winter lodging deals in Minnesota.  And now's the time to get them -- between fall and winter in what they call the "shoulder season"!  You can browse through all these great "on a tankful staycations" by going to the Explore Minnesota website.

Our WJON Outdoors Editor Jerry Carlson brought Randy Haven in the studio with him today.  Randy's with StrikeMaster Augers -- a really good brand of ice augers, made just down the road in Big Lake.  You can see more about these locally-made products right here.

Jerry also had some tips for fishing this late into the season.  And they're pretty common sense -- but worth reminding ourselves.

-- The water's getting very cold.  Make sure you have a life vest and flotation device, especially if you're fishing alone.

-- Blaze orange isn't a bad idea when you're on the water this time of year.  The fish won't care but the hunters will know you're there.

-- Get it out of your system now because ice fishing season's not far off.  And let me tell you, I'm am SO ready for it!

On tomorrow's show, we'll find out about all the Christmas happenings at the Paramount Theatre, we'll talk with so-and-so and we'll discover the best way to do this-or-that.

And remember, you could win a trip to Sandals just by listening!  And you can register to win online, too!  Just click here.

Have a great Thursday and I'll see you on the radio Friday morning, 5-10!

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