ELK RIVER -- The popularity of bison burgers continues to grow and the National Bison Association is hoping to recruit more producers when they come to Elk River this week for their annual summer conference.

Bison Association Executive Director Dave Carter says Minnesota is already one of the top bison producing states in the country, but demand for their product is high and they need more producers.

Carter says bison are a desirable animal for ranchers because it requires very little maintenance and care.

Prices have remained strong since 2011. He says the markets could support 20% more product at the current prices, but there aren't enough producers to meet the current demand.

Carter says consumers like bison meat because it tastes good, is low in fat and high in protein and iron. He says it's also raised on native grasses and no growth hormones or antibiotics are used for growth purposes.

The conference runs through Wednesday. To learn more, visit the NBA's website at bisoncentral.com