SAUK RAPIDS -- It was a smashing time at the Benton County Fair on Wednesday night as drivers from all over the state showed their mettle at the Demolition Derby.

Hundreds packed the stands to watch drivers duke it out on the muddy arena floor for a cash prize.

It was the first demolition derby for driver Ryan Nguyen, who says he has been working on his friend's demolition derby car for years.

"It's just something to do," Nguyen says. "I've never been in a [car] accident, so I might as well get in one on purpose."

"A good headache [at the end of the night] would mean I did something right."

The night was a good opportunity for, Prudy Reberg, who had a good showing in her first year competing last summer.

"[Last year] was amazing, it was the most amazing feeling ever," Reberg says. "When people jump out of a plane, they probably have [the same] feeling when they're done."

One of the local stars of the derby is Jon Schultz, who has been competing in derbies all over the country for over a decade.

"I guess I like to waste money," Schultz says, laughing. "[Years ago] I got a little junky car on trade and I thought the only thing I'd do with it is smash it -- I smashed it and ever since then I've been addicted to it."


Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON