We have an opportunity to take turns bringing our dogs to work on Fridays. Usually, Chad and I are on location, so we don't have the opportunity to participate much.

Today, we were finally in studio, and so, Sampson has traveled with me to work today. Here are the benefits to bringing your pet to work.

LESS STRESS- How can you be stressed with that cute face staring at you.

LESS WORRY-What is my dog doing at home while I'm at work?

HAPPINESS-There's always a smile on people's faces when they see you with your dog....(okay....MOST of the time).

KEEP YOU FOCUSED- You have to stay focused on work, so while your dog is lowering your stress levels, even though you're keeping an eye on them, you are able to get more work done.

HAPPY PUPPY- There's no place your dog would rather be than by your side, all day long.  You gotta love that kind of dedication.

Okay...I would agree that planning a visit to work with your dog for the entire day can be a challenge.  I've brought puppy pads, and a bag of dog food. He's on a leash and kept close by me. The only thing I wish I would have planned out better, is a bath. He needs a bath!!!