ST. CLOUD -- This week in our "Behind the Scenes" series on WJON, we check into GrandStay Residential Suites and Hotel in St. Cloud and see how they clean the rooms before guest arrive.

When you check into your hotel room everything is neat and tidy. However, it doesn't get that way without some hard working hands.

"So when the guest check out the people at the front desk highlight their rooms so we know that they have checked out," says Kienholz.

Holly Kienholz is the Head House Keeper at GrandStaty. She says when they get to a room a specific check list is followed.

"You look to see that there is no left over food in the refrigerator, then I check the couch, then I start stripping the dirty laundry out," says Kienholz.

Once a walk through is completed the cleaning begins and having a routine is helpful.

"Once you get a routine down the work really does go faster," says Kienholz.

Up to six employees work at cleaning bathrooms, making beds and dusting about a dozen rooms.

They are even responsible for pickup up after guest still living in the rooms.

"Yes we go in a still clean their rooms the same way when they are here unless they have a "do not disturb" sign on the door then we don't go in," says Kienholz.

Kienholz says they can clean a room is about a half hour, but sometimes to do it right takes time.

"We don't really watch the time clock because the work has to be done no matter what but they would like to have us done in thirty minutes but won't complain if it's longer because you're here to do a good job," says Kienholz.

Once the main areas are cleaned, the floor is vacuumed, garbage's collected and air fresheners sprayed before it's off to the next room.

Kienholz has been working at GrandStay for three years and says they pride themselves in providing the best quality for their guest.


Head House Keeper Holly Kienholz goes room to room preparing your stay at GrandStay. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)